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Hip Hop and Funk Dancing classes in Adelaide

If you don't know what 'locking' 'popping' 'pumping' or 'crumping' is then join one of our beginners Hip Hop and Funk Dancing classes at Essential Talent to find out and start moving like the hottest entertainers of today!

Hip Hop classes at our Adelaide studio are a perfect fusion of styles, incorporating street funk into a melting pot of hip hop and pop, along with other fashionable dance genres seen in music video clips for Beyoncè, Britney Spears, Usher and Justin Timberlake.

Whether you want to make a start in the dance industry, build your confidence for the dance floor or just want to have fun we have many classes to suit your age and experience level, so see our latest timetable for a class that suits you and come down and join us.

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