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Mid Year Demo Day 

Date: 6th July 2014
Location: Prince Alfred College Theatre 
Tickets on Sale: From Mid-May 2014

Demo Day is a day for all students, both dancing and singing, to perform the skills they have been taught in class for family and friends. The performances take place in a theatre, giving students the opportunity to perform on a real stage and helping them to gain confidence when doing so. Demo day is not a costumed event; students are asked to wear neat dance wear, possibly colour themed and singers an outfit of their own choice. We do have a large number of parents and friends who attend the performance and it is the perfect opportunity to get an insight into your child’s future as a performer.


End of Year Concert 

Date: Sunday 7th December 2014 
Location: Scott Theatre
Tickets on Sale: Late October

Essential Talents presents a concert event each year where all students are encouraged to participate. This gala performance will see students performing in a theatre on a stage with full theatrical lighting, sets, special effects, pyrotechnics, costumes and stage crew. A very exciting night of great quality entertainment and a fantastic note to conclude the year on. 


Staff at Essential Talent design costumes that are not only visually spectacular but can also be used again. The costs for these costumes vary from year to year, however there is an emphasis on keeping the price as low as possible. The costumes are coordinated by our wardrobe and sewing division and then sold to the students at an average cost of $90.00 per costume.

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