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This class is high energy and a great way to keep fit. Tony Carpenter, a former Aerobics Champion teaches this dance fitness class and incorporates Funk, Jazz and Aerobics for a high quality work out that is fun!

The key to cardio dance is to keep you moving, so that you keep fit, and improve your muscle tone and coordination. Emphasis in our classes is on sustained movement and having fun, not on dancing skill, so these classes are for perfect everyone from beginners to advanced, aged 16 or above.

Our cardio dance classes contain all the elements that you'd expect to find in any good dance aerobics class: warm up, abdominal workout, resistance workout, cardio and cool down. But unlike other programs, all our routines are professionally choreographed to make you forget you're exercising and feel like a star!

Jazzercise, Dancercise, call it what you will, but we know it as having a great time, keeping fit, and learning a few new moves!

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