Frequently Asked Questions - Essential Talent Performing Arts Academy - Dance classes in Adelaide, dance academy, dance studio.

We've listed some frequently asked questions about our dance classes, singing lessons and talent classes below. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Can I try a class before committing to a term?

We do not have try out classes as such as this effects the dynamics of a class and its really difficult to guage from one class, however we allow potential students purchase 2 classes at a pro rata rate so they may attend two classes before committing to the term. The two classes are then deducted from the full term amount. 

Can I watch a class before committing to a term?

It is a distraction for students attending classes when strangers come in to watch.

Will I get work if I attend classes?

Students attend classes to learn the skill of dancing, singing and acting. When jobs come into and the agency the first place we look to cast jobs is the classes. If students fit the brief the job is offered.  

Do I get to see what my kids work on in class through the term?

Parents are invited into the last 10 minutes of the last class each term to view the terms work.






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