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Tap dancing that entertains us today is a fusion of many types of early dance techniques from all over the world that have gone through several transformations to now entertain us in the form of modern tap dancing.

There are many different styles of tap dancing, and even more tap dancing steps. Our classes aim to cover the basics of tap and the more mainstream styles and steps.

Like our contemporary dance classes, our advanced students are encouraged to step outside the confines of the music and improvise so as to nurture their creativity.

Improvisation in our tap classes helps them to develop skills that will further their chances of forging a career in the entertainment industry

Types of tap dancing covered over the term include:

  • Hoofing - This is a more unrefined type of tap where dancers primarily use their legs and make a louder more grounded sound.
  • Broadway - Innovations made by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire brought ballet and ballroom influences to the style to make for a fuller tap dance experience.
  • Stomp - Dancers improvise with props around them to enhance the stomping sound of their feet.

Whether you have 2 left feet or one of each, once you have your tap shoes on you cant go wrong with tap dancing classes at Essential Talent.

We offer tap classes of beginners and intermediate/advanced level at all ages.

Once you're through with a tap dancing term at Essential Talent, you will be heel clicking and hot stepping your way to the nearest stage.

So all aboard the tap train! Join the likes of Happy Feet, Tap Dogs, and Stomp to embrace one of the most resilient forms of dancing in the world, which will never fail to entertain.

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