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Circus Skills and Acrobatics classes at Essential Talent are the perfect place to learn and practice risky but amazing tricks in a safe environment!

Learning right from the beginning that safety comes first, our "performers" go on to embrace all aspects of circus entertaining. From learning the art of performance favourites like juggling, plate spinning, stilt walking and diablo. Through to acrobatic gems such as cartwheels and tumbling, aerial cartwheels, and of course flips and saults.

Circus classes are the ideal stage for your child (or your inner child) to showcase their individuality and creativity, whilst working towards improved strength, flexibility, coordination focus, and concentration.

Circus and Acrobatic classes at Essential Talent encourage a very supportive and non-competitive approach that focuses on having fun, trying your hardest, and allowing everyone to find the particular skill and style that suits them. Diversity and individuality are a fundamental part of what makes circus so exciting and unique, and there are so many different skills on offer that everyone can find the area in which they shine.

Our Circus and Acrobatics class runs every Saturday for over an hour and is open to any age.

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