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Welcome to Essential Talent Entertainment Academy. We run classes catering for all ages & levels in the following classes - Jazz, Tap, Classical, Acrobatics, Funk / Hip Hop, Group & Private Singing, Pointe and Acting.

Class Ages

We have beginner to professional classes for all age groups, our classes are divided into the following age categories.

Tinies 3 – 5yrs
Junior Youth 6 – 8yrs
Youth 9 – 12yrs
Senior Youth 13 – 17yrs
Adult 18 & above

What does Essential Talent offer me?


All tutors have had a police check and are trained "Mandatory Notifiers" All are trained professionals who have had a career or are currently working Professionally in the entertainment industry.

What do I wear to dance class?

  • TINIES - Pink leotard, optional wrap round skirt, pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers. Tap: tap shoes.
  • JAZZ - The uniform is black jazz pants, black leotard or tight fitting top, Jazz shoes or boots(no runners) and hair neatly up in a bun or pony.
  • TAP - As per the Jazz class but with appropriate Tap Shoes.
  • CLASSICAL - Leotard & tights (black or pink) with optional wrap around skirt, Ballet slippers (not jiffies) and hair up in a bun where possible.
  • FUNK / HIP HOP - Clothes to move comfortably in & light weight runners. (track pants, singlet, t-shirt etc)
  • BOYS - Black stretch pants, top, black jazz shoes, black tap shoes.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued to every student at the mid year Demo Day rating each students performance in class as well as tutor comments.

Parent / Teacher Meetings

At the end of term 4 parents are invited to make an appointment to meet with tutors, this is the perfect opportunity to ask all the questions you may have about your child's skills.

In House Exams

We operate an in house exam system to create incentives for students as well as ensure quality assurance, all students are encouraged to participate. Students completing the exam receive a certificate.

Hot Weather Policy

Although our studios have refrigerated air conditioners we have a 40 degree hot weather policy for all dance classes as it is just too hot for physical exercise.

Performance Team

Auditions are held twice a year for positions in the Performance Team. Students in the team must attend a jazz, tap, classical, singing and acting class each week as well as the Performance Class. The team work with Industry Professionals where they rehearse two shows a year which are promoted by the Entertainment Agency giving them the opportunity to perform professionally.

Competitions & CSTD / RAD Exams

Essential Talent compete in both Candance for a Cure and the SA Stage Dancing Society competitions. Students are encouraged to participate as they create important performance development opportunities. We also offer CSTD and RAD examinations which are vital to students technique development, especially for those who show promise to become professional dancers. 

Private Lessons

SINGING  LESSONS - Private singing lessons are available for students wishing to focus on singing skills. The lessons are 30 minutes in duration and are purchased by the term.

DANCE LESSONS - Private tap, classical & jazz lessons are also available. These lessons are offered to those with the intent of competing seriously in competitions and developing as dancers and performers. 

ACTING LESSONS - Private acting lessons are also available. These lessons are 60 minutes in duration. They are ideal for anyone who is working toward a specific performance or audition who may like some outside guidance and feedback from one of our professional tutors.


We run a scholarship program rewarding students who show great dedication and discipline throughout the year. This presentation takes place at the end of year concert.


Five news letters a year are printed detailing auditions, jobs, workshops, and information relevant to students attending the school.

Representation - Work Opportunities

All students attending the Performance Academy receive representation by the Agency free of charge. The Essential Talent agency is often scanning classes for students suitable for work. This is an excellent pathway for students to enter the industry often working with seasoned performers who act as mentors.


  • Toilet & Dressing Room Facilities
  • Air Conditioned Studios
  • Professional Recording Studio
  • Comfortable Waiting Area For Parents
  • Fresh Spring Water Provided
  • Students Green Room

Why should my child come to Essentail Talent?

Watch our television commericial to find out.

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